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    Can you put together a structure and project without an architect guiding you throughout the process? Yes, absolutely. However, working with professionally trained and experienced architects is going to offer you easier access to customized designs, space-conscious layouts, savings where you need them most, and a professional oversight that really will give you a whole lot more for your final product that you won’t get from a contractor or anyone else that might be onsite.

    Since you’re pouring a lot of time, stress and effort into the task that you’re working on, make sure that you are getting the most that you can for your plan, budget and needs from start to finish. It’s one of those details that always proves it worth after the job is done and you can look back on it in hindsight.

    We understand that you may be more concerned with contractors and other on-site professionals, but the best architects in Georgia are going to be able to help make all of their jobs a whole lot easier as well as provide you some much needed stress relief and professional control that can make all the different in a large project with a budget. Need some more information or interested in looking at what we can offer? Contact us at Bonsai Architectural Designs today.

    Atlanta Architectural Designer

    If you’re looking at building your forever home or even a commercial building, you may be wondering whether you really need an Atlanta architect to be on board. After all, why are you going to pay for the services of someone that, really, you don’t need to make your project a success? There are a lot of reasons why you should consider using the Best architects in Atlanta when you are planning and building, however, and some of the best reasons are waiting for you below.

    Atlanta Architect will take problems and transform them into solutions:

    The thing is, regardless of what you’re building, you are building to meet a specific need. If an Atlanta architect knows was that need is and its potential problems or requirements, they can help you take your existing plan and better it. It will be a clean and professional plan that is going to focus on your needs specifically so that you can have a finished build that is perfect for your need and still kept within your budget and dimensions, etc.

    You’ll stay on-budget with a better build: Speaking of budget, an Atlanta architect will also give you a hand in making sure that you can have a top quality build in terms of use of space, dimensions and materials, but you’ll also find that it will earn you a better build for your budget as well. Understanding that your budget is firm and not something you want to waste, they’ll spot potential flares or problems and address them with easy fixes that keep you firmly and confidently on-budget.

    They can help you manage the process from start to finish: An Atlanta architect is focused on helping you get the end result that you are looking for. From start of the project (the blueprints) the finishing touches where you are handed the keys, you’ll be able to enjoy the process by having someone right at your side and “translating”, if you will, between you, your various contractors and more. It can be a huge help to have someone at your side that is focused on making sure you get what you’re asking for rather than their own needs or bottom line.

    Since planning and building your own home or commercial building can be a lot of effort and stress, it’s definitely worth your while to make sure that you are protected and supported by someone who knows the business inside and out, and that they have your best interests at heart. Sometimes this in and of itself is worth its weight in gold, especially if you are not very knowledgeable on the process!

    Atlanta Architectural Designer will help plan based on needs and location: Unless you are a trained geologist as well as topographic expert complete with other certifications, you may not know how to properly plan a structure to hold over time in your location of choice. For instance, you may need to consider reinforced structural beams in earthquake-prone locations. You may also want to look at hurricane windows and doors. Whatever the needs are, an architect will know al about them and will help you create a structure that is going to withstand the natural and environmental weak points that you otherwise may not have thought about.

    An Atlanta Architectural Designer will spot mistakes you can miss: No matter who you are, there will be mistakes at some point in the build process. An architect is going to be able to watch for them and spot them so that they can be addressed. Maybe they’re mistakes in the angle of the roof. Maybe there’s an error between the plan and the actual build. Whatever the mistake and whatever step in the process, having someone watching to make sure it goes according to plan is important.

    Also, mistakes, errors and misunderstandings are almost away costly. Since your budget can’t simply stretch to accommodate those mistakes, the sooner that you know about them, the sooner you can fix them and pay for them. After all, fixing something after the fact is almost always going to be double or triple the cost (and stress) rather than in the heat of the moment.

    Good design always pays off: An architect is trained and experienced to help you transform your build into the best version of itself. This includes details such as proper planning and thought in the implementation, but also the fact that you are going to have a professionally designed and well-planned structure! If you need to resell it down the road, a design that has been created or modified by the Best architects in Atlanta is going to always be better than something that hasn’t had that oversight. It’s simply a matter of professional experience in the industry. When you are looking for professional protection and financial return, an architect will always be the best ally for the job.

    Not all Atlanta Architect’s are made equal

    From specializing in different sectors, to having different levels of expertise, you’ll want to rely on the best architects in Atlanta to help give you the best return when it comes to your money and time. Take a look around for an Atlanta architectural designer that is going to be the right match for our hopes and dreams!

    If you’re ready to get your build off the ground knowing that you’ve got the best help and support at your side to get you there, get in touch with an Atlanta architect today and start the exciting journey to the finished project. As you’ve learned, it will always be worth the extra money, and it will also be a great way to get more expert eyes on your design. Thanks for stopping by and we hope to be your Atlanta Architect.

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    The Benefits of Using a Georgia architect firm

    When you see a building designed by Bonsai Architectural Designs what you see is only a simple scratch on the surface. More than just building materials and implementation of a design plan, a Georgia architect firm like us also has to factor in the needs of the customer and their project scope in order to make sure that what they want is actually what they need, and that the final product is what they are going for.

    Here are 7 reasons why you should consider Bonsai Architectural Designs

    • You’ll get a cleaner, sleeker design
      The whole goal of architecture is to design structures and buildings that are their absolute best from all of the big details to the small, tiny ones. If you are not trained in architecture, it’s hard to make sure that it’s all going to come together in as sleek a way as possible. That’s precisely why an architect is going to be able to lend a helping hand. An experienced Georgia architectural design firm will be able to take a great design and make it better all while still staying within the requirements of zoning, code requirement and even help you stay within budget.
    • They’ll be able to suggest unique solutions to problems
      One of the coolest details about going with the best architects in Georgia is that you are going to enjoy their experience and their creativity when it comes to solving a problem. Is there a flaw in your design that makes it impossible for you to fit in two closets? An architect may be able to help solve that by moving and adjusting something you wouldn’t have thought of doing. Having a problem getting the house to feel right? An architect can see what’s not working and suggest a simple solution that “magically” fixes everything. The creativity of an architect is like none other and it will make for a stronger building.
    • You’ll get a better ROI for your final product
      Speaking of “stronger”, another benefit to working with an architect hand in hand throughout a project is that you’ll find that your return on investment (ROI) is going to be much higher than without working directly with an architect. It again comes back to the fact that architects are experienced professionals in every part of designing a structure, so they know how to give you what you need and also make sure that the end result is going to be as streamlined as possible to help you enjoy the most bang for your buck later.
    • They’ll understand your needs instantly
      When you have a design and a purpose in mind, you may think that you know exactly what that needs to look like, laid out. However, an architect is going to be the master that helps make it its best version of itself. When you tell them what needs that you’re trying to fill and your general idea for the structure, they’ll be able to take that kind of information and make the final structure so much stronger and more accurate to your details than you could have imagined. A Georgia architect firm understands what your needs are as soon as you fill them in with your requirements and the structure details.
    • You’ll get quality finishing touches
      Not sure how to make your budget stretch and still get finishing touches that give the right appeal? An architect can help you with keeping a foot in both worlds and getting everything that you need in those final touches that make all the difference while still working to help you make sure that you are stay on-budget for the rest of the plans and project itself.
    • Their passion for the project will make it better
      A Georgia architectural design firm like ours has got talented individuals that love what they do. That passion, when applied to your project, will make it stronger and better so that you know your final product is going to be incredible. It goes to show that working with the pros can make all of the difference.
    • It’ll be a load off your mind
      Last but certainly not least, hiring an architect professional to help with your project is going to be a huge stress relief — and who can use that? An architect will be the go-between with your contractor, the paper pushers, the zoning crew and even professionals such as electricians and plumbers. You’ll have a bit more of a cushion and your architect will oversee everything so that you know what you need to know, but you aren’t confused or dragged down in details unnecessarily.