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Bonsai’s services include but are not limited to: As-Built drawings, Additions, Covered and Uncovered Porches, Sun Rooms, Remodels, New Construction, Commercial, 3D Renderings, and Interior Design.

About Bonsai Architectural Designs

We provide creative & professional architecture

We work directly with the homeowners as well as general contractors, lenders, investors, and real estate agents. We pride ourselves on our long lasting relationships that are built on ultra high quality work, lighting fast completion times, and prices that everyone can afford.

Our services

Residential Architecture has many different facets. There could be one or multiple styles which resonate with a particular individual to any varying degree. As designers, our job is similar to a good actor in that we have to put ourselves directly into your world and see what it is that makes you tick. Sometimes these are driven by outer circumstances such as the street you live on, the topography or environment around you, such as a lake, beach or mountain lot. Or maybe you want to try something completely different than your neighbors or the typical lake house.

Whatever your desires are, it’s our job to understand where you’re coming from and what it is that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Bonsai has a reputation for pushing the envelope. Building the unbuildable and designing the unfathomable. Do not say the word “impossible” around our team unless you want to be proven wrong! Anything is possible and nothing will stand between us bringing your dream home to life!

As-Built Drawings

This is where all construction begins. It is essential for the designer to know what already exists prior to starting any project. This allows the architect to determine what the starting point was and how to utilize the existing structure for the most cost efficient project.


Additions are a great way to add more square footage to your already existing home. It is important to have a designer that not only knows how to give you the extra space needed, but to not make it look like an afterthought. The addition should flow into the existing structure seamlessly.


Covered porches/Sun rooms are a great way to add more square footage to your home. They allow you to bring the outside in, allowing you to utilize the space for all seasons of the year. In addition to providing shade on some of the brightest days, Covered Porches and Sun rooms add an element of privacy to your outdoor space as well.


One of the biggest advantages of remodeling a home is that once the upgrades are done, the value of your home increases. In some cases, this value can be significant – such as if you choose to modernize the kitchen or bathrooms. Exterior renovations like upgrading your roofing and siding or porch installations boost your home’s curb appeal, a critical point to consider when you decide to sell.  Increased home value also adds equity.

New Construction

With New Construction, the possibilities are ENDLESS. Make your pinterest dreams come true when designing your custom creation. We plan and build residential construction projects from start to finish, whether you come to us with detailed designs or just an idea and a budget. We work with trusted architects, engineers, and designers to ensure that your project is built with care.


When looking for a commercial architect one needs to be extremely careful about choosing someone who knows the ins and outs. If you don’t get someone who knows what they’re doing you will never make it past the permit review portion of your project. Because you’re dealing with the public’s interest, all of the codes are bumped up to an extremely high level of review. No “T” uncrossed and no “I” goes undotted. There are many parts to your commercial architectural plans and most companies make the customer do the running around to pull these different trades together. Bonsai has everyone needed already in house so you don’t have to go looking for a mechanical, plumbing, electrical, structural and civil engineer. It’s all wrapped up into one package to avoid back-and-forth between many parties for the customer. That’s what makes our company unique.

3D Renderings

Want to see what your home will look like before the first board is nailed? We can make 3D renderings that will walk you through the design and allow you to visualize yourself in the space. A home is one of the most expensive purchases many of us will ever make, so why not make sure that the house that you have in mind actually works in real life. Our home renderings are photo-realistic so that anyone can clearly visualize exactly what their new home will look like. It also allows you to easily identify issues of concern. Finding and fixing those issues early on will save you time and money.

Interior Design

The benefit to hiring an Interior designer is that we understand the process of design. Through education and experience we have learned the pitfalls of the process and how best to avoid them. Having an Interior designer on your team takes the stress out of making decisions. We become a liaison between all the facets of the design project. A good Interior Designer can make your remodel or custom built home project a pleasurable one. We take care of the details so you can spend time working and with your family. An added bonus is that most designers will open your eyes to products you never knew you couldn’t live without and will create a space you will love

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