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At Bonsai Architectural Design the intent was always to tailor to a level of customization that most could only dream of. We would not recommend hiring an electrician to run your plumbing, similarly we would not recommend hiring an ordinary architectural firm to design an extremely niche based home that they are not familiar with or accustomed to.

Bonsai Architectural Design is the go to Architectural Firm for Airplane Hangar Homes or as we call them “Air Ranches“. Many firms have dabbled in this unique niche but none have put forth the level of passion and research necessary to develop the experience needed to specialize in this area.

This used to be an exclusive club predominantly for pilots who wanted the convenience of being able to pull into their driveway and garage in their airplane the same as most people do in their car. We have taken this to a whole new level now by turning these homes into an extremely high-end and tangible product available for anyone regardless of their pilot’s license.

If you do not have a pilot’s license but you don’t want to miss out on this unique lifestyle, look no further. Most air ranches that we build include a pilot guest house. Many of our customers have built an Air Ranch in various locations around the country so that they can simply hop from one location to the next as desired with ease and zero travel restrictions. Their pilot has private quarters nearby on the same property so that he remains on call as needed.

There are many other alternatives allowing us mortals to participate in this amazing lifestyle so you are welcome to come for a free consultation where we can help you find the solution to your scenario.

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