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What is a Barndominium Home?

Barndominium type homes have been a standard on the American landscape for centuries. As a stable structure making use of steel framing, the home is durable and of a style which conveys a rustic and or industrial charm that captivates the American imagination. This unique style of home has gained in popularity in recent years becoming a part of the American mainstream in architecture.

A spacious country type home with a wide-open floor plan displaying natural wood timber/vintage I-beam construction, the rustic charm of wood paneled or cladding walls and trim, eclectic quaint barn exterior – all in a unique design that we custom tailor to your specific needs and desires.

A major draw of Barndominiums in recent years is due to the rapid increase in construction costs and supply chain challenges. Customizing an otherwise prefabricated steel structure gives the builder and homeowner a huge advantage on square footage to cost ratios in addition to speeding up the construction period.

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