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What is a Tiny Home?

Tiny homes have exploded in popularity. It is small and inexpensive to build, utilities are very low, and furnishings are minimal. Build it out as you see fit, there is no need or room for an expansive great room. This is what decks are for.

A tiny home is like a doll house except you live in it. Your tiny home may be a log cabin, or you may prefer the sleek lines of contemporary design, or perhaps Victorian. The choice is yours; anything is possible.

In some cases a tiny home may be mounted on hidden wheels so it can be moved to a precise location, or even change locations. What if the river rises, you may need to back your home up a few feet. Imagine doing this with a full-size home.

  • A tiny home will almost always have a front porch and often a deck as well for entertaining.
  • A tiny home makes a perfect fishing camp and its small size makes it easy to clean up after the guys’ fishing trip.
  • A tiny home is a little more than a weekend project however, if you are so inclined and if you some of the basic carpentry skills you may even build it yourself. We will give you a complete set of drawings.
  • A tiny home has a warm, cozy feel while being open and airy inside. Your tiny home will be as tiny as you want or larger if you desire.

What is a Container Home?

A container home is constructed from a shipping container, sometimes two or even three containers. The containers are mounted together to form the basic floor plan. Then the steel sides are cut to allow for windows and doorways. The containers may be stacked to produce a second story, or even a third. Creativity has no bounds. The steel container will be built out on the interior so it resembles any home in America while the exterior may have siding applied. There are no rules for design.

  • A container opened up on one side will make an ideal cabana at the pool and will likely be the only one in the neighborhood.
  • A container may be constructed for use as a kiosk for serving snacks or ice cream in the park.
  • A container can be modified to become a garden shed or potting house.
  • A container is perfect for the storage of lawn mowers and other tools and requires little in the way of build-out

Container homes may have multiple rooms, a spa, two car garage, deck and patio – there is no reason to restrict the creative spirit. Let it flow, do something different.

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