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Bonsai Architectural Designs is one of the most recognized design firms in the Atlanta area. Our reputation was built on performance, trust and, most importantly, creativity.

Our Philosophy

“Everybody has a passion and this passion, when pursued can make the world a better place. Designing beautiful and creative architecture is my passion. Do you ever think back to a childhood memory when you were at a distinctive place? Perhaps a house you or a friend lived in. Maybe it was a neat city, building or restaurant. Whatever it was it left an impression on you, a memory that will stick in your consciousness forever. Well, someone is responsible for designing and building that memorable structure because without the creative Love they pumped into designing that building, it would have never existed. I take pride in knowing that we at Bonsai are responsible for helping shape the memories of the life that future generations will experience. This brings a level of gratification unparalleled by any amount of money.

Since I was merely three or four years old, I’ve had an interest in design. In the early days it was castles. No rules from the physical world could place limitations on my creative imagination. There was no limit to how much detail was allowed or how high I could build a turret. Throughout elementary, middle and then high school I continued ‘doodling’ throughout lectures and the typical curriculum. In hindsight I now realize I had been practicing for my destiny in this lifetime much before I designed and built my first house. I’ve always felt that there was something larger than myself gently nudging me in whatever direction I can be of best service in life. When I designed my first house which actually built built, I had a spiritual awakening that shook me to the core. It allowed me to see that all these buildings I’ve designed throughout my life do not exist only in my imagination, they are very real and already exist. They need only to be realized and built.”

Architects Near Me

Bonsai Archetictural Firm Locations

Bonsai Architectural Designs started in Atlanta Georgia. With far out and radical designs catching the attention of many around the country, we found ourselves driving or flying to other states almost every month of the year. We are willing and able to work in any state in the US and in several countries outside of the US. In the areas that have received the most calls we have set up a branch office that allows for quicker turnaround time and more one-on-one assistance with those regions.

Our main office in Atlanta is the base for our design team. All jobs are sent to the main office for design and completion, but communication is through the local design representative in your area to ensure you are getting the best possible hands-on service with a quick turnaround time. These additional regions include Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina. Check out our locations to find the design executive allocated to that area.

Learn more about Bonsai Architectural Designs’ free step-by-step guide and to setup your free onsite consultation. We look forward to working with you.